Research and Development Formulator

Job Description / Requirements

Research, Development and Application Senior Supervisor for Food Supplement and Product Stability Study Project holder is in charge with the preparation of prototypes for Food Supplements and Product Stability Testing of new and existing products. He/she also contributes and gives suggestions on the conceptualization and improvement of products but primarily is tasked to ensure that all the Quality Control Parameters and Specifications set per product are met in the prototype preparation. Once the product is already approved, he/she must ensure that corresponding reference standards, laboratory batch mixing reports bearing the correct procedures, visual and physico-chemical specifications are endorsed to immediate superior for checking. It is his/her responsibility to ensure that all products prepared are properly documented and traceable. He/she is also tasked to follow and implement Good Laboratory Practice and Good House Keeping inside the Research, Development& Application Laboratory.


Primary Job Responsibilities

1. Spearheads the preparation of prototype for Food Supplements and support to the Personal Care as well if instructed by the immediate superior.He/she gives feedback to the RD&AHead Supervisor & RD&A Manager-Trainee.
2. Ensures that Technology transfer are properly channeled and directed to Production personnel either coming from client or internally developed.
3. Performs laboratory trials ofFood Supplement to check feasibility on possible reworking instructions to be implemented for batches w/ Non-conformities.
4. Conducts laboratory batch trials of products for prototyping and ensures proper record keeping of each laboratory trial.
5. Ensures that all initial reference standards are available during the validation runs.
6. Performs the Product Stability Testing of Personal Care, Household and Food Supplement for Initial Laboratory Batch and 1st Pilot Batch of New Products according to the approved Stability Test Protocol.
7. Performs the QC Analysis as per QC Parameters and Method such as Organoleptic and In-house Assay Testing w/ the assistance of QC Laboratory Analyst.
8. Conducts the Stability Testing of Personal Care and Household using an alternative Raw Material.
9. Sets the QC parameters and initial specification for stability testing of Food Supplement according to Stability Test Protocol.
10. Receives and collates the Stability Test Protocol indicating the QC Parameters and corresponding Initial Specifications from the Product Holder (Formulation Team).
11. Collates all the tabulated Stability Test Results every after completion of Stability Study for endorsement to the Documentation Senior Supervisor for preparation of Product Stability Test Report.
12. Documents and files laboratory batch mixing report.
13. Provides rework instructions / recommendations for non-conforming Food Supplement

How to Apply

If interested, aspirant can visit our office located at #15 Sapphire St., DBP Farm Subd., PulangLupa II, Las Pinas, City and kindly look for Ms. Mary Rose Saligo. Or you can contact us at 829-1724 or send a resume through our email at

Work Location

15 Sapphire St. DBP Farm Subdivision Pulang Lupa

Ad Overview

Date Posted: December 22, 2016
Hiring Company: Siegranz Chemworks Corporation
Work Type: Full time
Salary: 0.00
Job Category: Accountancy, Finance, Credit & Collection
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Company Snapshot

Research and Development Formulator

Siegranz Chemworks Corporation


15 Sapphire St. DBP Farm Subdivision Pulang Lupa

Metro Manila

Company Overview

Siegranz ChemWorks started as a Household product manufacturer under the banner of SCW LABORATORIES in April 1999 catering to both institutional (generic) and company owned brand products. The first plant sites were situated at Las Piñas and Pasig City.
In 2001, the company decided to expand into a full pledged company under Siegranz Chemworks Corporation with expectations to increase profitability and sales. In the midst of rising requests to further extend our services to the Cosmetics or Personal Care lines, the board members decided to fulfillthese demandsby transferringto almosta thousandsquare meter plant at Sucat, Parañaque. After complying with the requirements of the Bureau of Food and Drug and the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Siegranz finally went into full operation last May 2003. The company has been making continuous efforts on its manufacturing services thus in 2004, the company expanded anew with another equally sized plant at Las Pinas, adding Pharmaceutical products to its line. Just recently, in order to keep the pace with the times and demands of the growing Food Supplement and Colored Cosmetics market, the company again expanded its territories and has added various advanced production and inspection facilities. Siegranz has developed into a toll manufacturer with an area of almost 3000sqm. Aiming high to become the number one toll manufacturing corporation in the Philippines, the company opened its doors to Private Label and Global Brands.