Medical Billing Expert Associate

Job Description / Requirements

Medical Billing Expert wanted for eSpoc – a fast paced, innovative Internet billing technology company with extraordinary client-centered culture and focus on client relationships. eSpoc offers comprehensive cloud-based practice management software, billing and revenue cycle management service, and client coaching for maximum profitability, compliance, practice growth, and office efficiency.

If you want to be part of a pioneering team here in the Philippines and

If you are motivated by having a role that

has a purpose – improve patient care by helping independent practice owners run more profitable and better managed practices
promotes mastery – your rewards are linked to your personal accomplishments
offers autonomy – you develop your own ideas and prioritize your own time
then eSpoc may be the company for you. This position also offers the opportunity for substantial financial reward through residual bonus incentive programs.


Improve client profitability
Promote teamwork with providers and troubleshoot problems
Solve complex billing questions to get providers paid in full and on time
Identify root causes of submission failures, underpayments, and payment delays
Learn and explain insurance rules and ongoing changes
Build a shared billing knowledge base and adding billing automation rules
Become Subject Matter Expert for our proprietary billing system
You will report the SWAT team leader and you will be responsible for collaborating with our support department, development team, and account management core to solve problems. Your ability to work as a team member and communicate across those teams is key to your success.


Billing experience
Solid problem-solving
Excellent verbal and written communication
Comfortable at conflict resolution
Comfortable at multi-tasking and managing multiple high priority projects
Comfortable with Internet and various computer systems
Having knowledge with any U.S Medical Billing process is a plus


College education or equivalent. Graduates of business or healthcare administration, psychology, or theology welcome.


Work from home up to 90% of the time.

How to Apply

Please send your resume at or contact me directly at 09159474866

Work Location


Ad Overview

Date Posted: January 13, 2017
Hiring Company: eSpoc - Vericle
Work Type: full time
Salary: 30,000 - 60,000
Job Category: Nursing, Medical, Dental & Health
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Company Snapshot

Medical Billing Expert Associate

eSpoc - Vericle



Metro Manila

Company Overview

We are obsessed with state-of-the-art technology to improve the way health care practitioners work, communicate, and get paid. We are building a highly motivated, intelligent, and energetic team that is focused on getting things done.

eSpoc provides comprehensive cloud-based practice management and billing software. eSpoc's billing network allows a large number of physicians to capitalize upon their strength in numbers. By joining at eSpoc billing network, the provider and the billing office track payer performance from a single point of control, share billing compliance rules, correct billing errors upfront, monitor audit exposure, identify under-payment patterns, and benefit from massive economies of scale.

In addition to general and family physician services, Vericle's network also includes specialized physician billing communities for mental health practices - , nephrology - , physical therapy - , chiropractic - , and combined chiropractic and physical therapy -

Our Core Values

Our success = Client success.
We "eat our own dog food."
We believe in teamwork.
Practice makes perfect.

We are outsourcing our jobs to qualified candidates who are seeking a higher salary without stressing themselves too much.