Writer / Researcher for a TRAVEL Blog

Hi I’m Paul and I’m looking for a researcher / writer / curator to help me output 5 star quality travel resources. Here are 10 examples of the type of content my site offers:

1) Best (And Cheaper) GoPro Camera Alternatives
2) 29 Pieces of Life Saving Travel Advice
3) How To Maximize Your Cell Phone’s Battery Life
4) Best Mobile WiFi Hotspots for International Travelers
5) Best Travel Themed Coloring Books
6) GoPro Cameras Comparison & Buyer Guide
7) Is jet lag real or in your head?
8) Techy Luggage: The Next Wave of Suitcases, Carry-Ons, and Travel Backpacks
9) 21 Gifts for Cat Owners Who Travel
10) 16 Interactive Maps & Globes That Will Get Your Kids Excited About Traveling The World

Does that seem like the kind of content you could immerse yourself in and write every day? If so, keep reading…


I have a content schedule prepared for next year. Your job is to research and curate the information for the posts and deliver me first drafts that I will edit and publish.


The quality of your work matters too, but ultimately I need someone who is able to tackle a subject quickly and prepare the information into a first draft for my review. And then move onto the next one. You will not be responsible for final drafts, editing, formatting, or SEO – but bonus points for having a solid understanding of those things as the closer you can get me to a final draft, the better.

This is a heavily unmanaged job which means I won’t be giving daily instruction. Instead, I’ll be providing you a calendar of posts to prepare, having a conversation with you about the content to determine the correct angle to tackle the article, and then anticipating your submissions on time each day/week. Of course, I’ll be available to you as much as YOU need, especially at the beginning, but the ideal scenario is that you work very autonomously.

Salary: 15,000 PHP - 20,000 PHP depending on experience and availability
Address: Home Based

How to Apply:

1. If you're interested, shoot me over a short e-mail to and introduce yourself. Please include in the email: (1) why you're interested in this specific job, (2) a resume or some examples of your previous work, and (3) your availability. 2. I anticipate hearing from many amazingly talented writers like you - so please allow me a couple weeks for submissions to come through. At that time, I'll choose a few applicants to set up a phone interview so we can get to know each other, talk about the job, and how we can best work together. 3. The last stage of my hiring process will be a paid assignment. I've found that the best way to see how people work together is to start working together, but before either of us commit to a long term working relationship, let's start with 2-3 freelance assignments. 4. The end goal is to hire 1 or 2 part time or full time researchers / writers to help me output quality content for 2018 and I hope it's you! Thank you so much for your time reading this, and I wish you the best of luck in 2018 with your lives and businesses. -PAUL


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