Dear Freelancers,

For a Practice Test Website We are looking for an experienced freelancer for a Full Time Job.

The job require you to:

1. Copy questions and their 4 answers with their explanations from free sources like other website or pdf.

2. Create learning flashcards based on the questions we will be publishing so people can learn about it before taking our exams.

3. Write long articles related to the subjects the tests will be. SEO Experience is must in order to put the keywords related to the test subject in the article. At least 1000 words articles.

4. OPTIONAL – Create unique questions and 4 answers options with explanations from material that we will give you in difference subjects.

5. OPTIONAL – Create videos based on the questions you have made that a robot reads the question and the 4 answers. Video editing knowledge is required.

To apply please reply with the following:

A. Your resume and experience.
B. Recommends from previous employers.
C. Will you be able to create flashcards based on the questions you will be copying? The goal is to let people learn the subject in flashcards before taking our tests.
D. Will you be able to create high quality questions and 4 answer options to subjects like driving theory test and nursing questions from general knowledge?
E. Do you have SEO Experience? Can you create 1,000 words article with SEO involved based on Keyword Research from Google that you will make on the Tests Subjects? Do you have experience with those things?
F. Do you have Video Editing Experience? Can you create a video that will read the questions and answers via robot that will also show the questions & answers on the video? It will be a template for 25-30 question that will be replaced for each different test. Have you did similar videos like that? Which program will you be using?
G. Can you do a webcam interview?

Good Luck & God Bless

Salary: $400 USD
Address: Online