Sales/Support Representative

A sales / support representative, who’s interested in working for a company with an AWESOME environment of creatives & hard working individuals; serving small business owners who sell their inventions and products online.

We’re particular about individuals who are passionate about e-Commerce and helping others, who are excited to take life by the horns and curate their own professional experience.

We are a close-knit team across four departments, and communication and coordination are key. Virtuous Graphics grows every day–do you want to be part of that growth?

• 2+ Years Phone / Email / Chat Experience in English
• Must have strong grasp of English
• Studied business in university would be a plus

• Very strong handle on the English language (you’ll be speaking with small business owners at times & covering at times some business vocabulary)
• Comfortable doing sales on the phone
• Extremely responsive, if you’re online you need to be able to recognize and respond to a “chat message” on business Facebook chat or our website chat in under 5 seconds (we have text population software to help you)
• Extremely organized, if you’re not an organized person sorry this company isn’t a good fit for you
• Good with technology, no you don’t have to code, but in this job you’ll be working with computers, programs which require a bit of a comfortability with technology

• Dependable and reliable
• Professional with a good sense of integrity and teamwork
• Self-starter; does not need much supervision to work
• Consistent about meeting deadlines
• Open to taking criticism Easter Egg: I don’t need micromanagement!
• Open to identifying areas for improvement, in self, in team, and in the organization
• Willing to learn, adapt, and grow

• Commits to working an 8-hour day or a 40-hour week
• Would need to be able to report to an office based in Makati, Manila
• For this sales/ support job you should be open to working during the day or night, we may rotate your work shift

The Virtuous Graphics Company Culture
Being run by thinkers from top tech giants mixes things up a bit for sure!
Virtuous Graphics has been up for two years now—but it’s growing at a breakneck pace.

1. Communicative: We coordinate with each other on a variety of apps
2. Technologically adept: Some expertise with Chrome applications (we have equivalent ones for Mac, don’t worry) is good because we use a variety of apps to do our work
3. Critical thinking attitude: We don’t hire followers. We hire trailblazers.
4. Team player: Everyone says this. We implement it. We pick up the slack for each other. We help out. We call out for help, if we need it. We got each other’s backs—all day, every day, and even at night too because some people like working graveyard. Whatever floats their boat.
5. Coachable: Nobody is perfect. The day that you stop taking criticism as an opportunity to grow—heck, you’ve stopped being relevant. All of us welcome coaching, from the founder down to every person on the team!

Salary: Php 25,000.00 to Php 30,000.00
Address: Makati