Python, Web Developer, C++/Qt desktop application developer (+3 years of experience, Pasay)

python developer, web developer

We are hiring you as our core member, if you are experience in at least one fields below, then you can join us.

  • 3x Python developers
  • 2x HTML5/CSS/JS developer
  • 1x C++/Qt Developer
  • 1x reverse-engineer(ollydbg, IDA)

Job Type: Full-time/half time (but not remotely)

Salary: +50.000 Pesos/month

Work location: in our office

Benifits: For our IT department we give overall share of 10%, 24 hours pick up service

Salary: 50000
Address: Mall of Asia

How to Apply:

Please send me an email with you resume to: danggao88 [at]

Apply online by completing the form below:

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