Pool Attendant

Pool Attendants are responsible for maintaining a safe and clean aquatic recreational area for guests or residents. They are typically employed by hotels or condo and apartment complexes with pools. It is important to note that Pool Attendants are not lifeguards. With that being said , they are often expected to assist lifeguards in helping swimmers in danger. Their more common duties include measuring chemical levels and ensuring they are within safety requirements at all times.
The role of Pool Attendant is a position that doesn’t require any education past a High School Diploma. It helps employment chances if candidates are certified in CPR or are lifeguards in training , but it isn’t a requirement. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , demand for Recreation Workers , which includes Pool Attendants , is set to rise 10 percent through 2024.
Pool Attendant Duties and Responsibilities
Pool Attendants are responsible for all of the duties involved with maintaining a safe and clean pool area. Here are the duties that popped up most frequently in our analysis of Pool Attendant job descriptions.
Measure and Document Pool Chemical Levels
Pool Attendants are responsible for measuring the chlorine and Ph levels of the pool or pools under their supervision , and then documenting their readings in a log book. They are also responsible for making chemical adjustments if the readings are outside of the safety range. Pool Attendants often take these measurements three to five times a day.
Regularly Clean Pool Filters
Pool filters easily get clogged by oils , hairs , and natural debris. It is the Pool Attendant’s responsibility to regularly clean these filters , as well as to use the skimmer to remove debris from the pool.
Troubleshoot Basic Filter Malfunctions and Chemical Imbalances
Pool Attendants must be able to address irregular chlorine and Ph Levels. Most public pools these days are hooked up to a digital system that automatically feeds chemicals to the pool. Pool Attendants have to know how to operate these machines to make chemical adjustments.
Ensure Guests follow Pool Rules 
This is one of the Pool Attendant’s most important duties. They are responsible for making each guest aware of the pool rules, and calling out those who break these rules. Pool Attendants have to have good interpersonal skills to sense inter-guest conflicts before they escalate.
Sanitize Pool After Human Waste Incidents
This duty is not as common as the other duties on this list, but it is included because of its importance. If a guest defecates in the pool, the health and safety code requires Pool Attendants to “shock” the pool in order to kill all bacteria. This makes the pool un-swimmable for a period of time.

Salary: ₱10000 - ₱15000
Address: Ground Floor, Warehouse Coop., Amvel City, Barangay San Dionisio

How to Apply:

Male not more than 40 years old With experience as pool attendant Willing to assign at Bristol Tower Alabang


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