Manila Business Partner Position (Headhunting/Executive Search Business)

MavPlus, a young and fast growing executive search firm from China, is entering the Southeast Asia market by setting up a Virtual Office in Manila. MavPlus is sourcing BUSINESS PARTNER for its Southeast Asia Operations. This position is a REAL Business Partner, not those “partner” job that some headhunting firms promise to its staff but it is still just a senior staff position. If you’d like to join MavPlus, please do read this document carefully, it will be able to answer, if not all, but 99% of the questions you may have.

1. Role Description

1.1 Definition
A: This is Not a “JOB”, but rather it is a Business Partner Proposal for “Entrepreneurs” who would like to running its own executive search firm and be the leader.
B: There will be No BASIC SALARY for this job, only a SHARE/DIVIDEND program.
C: This can be a HOME BASED job.

1.2 Position Description:
MavPlus is a Hong Kong based Executive Search Firm founded in 2014 and within the past 5 years we have been growing very rapidly to 3 offices in China with 50+ executive consultants or researchers. MavPlus currently do not have much businesses in SOUTHEAST ASIA but we are very much interested in Southeast Asia Market, We see Southeast Asia as the next China and we believe there will be huge potential in executive searching industry in Southeast Asia countries.
In Southeast Asia, we are particularly interested in developing Manila due to several reasons: (1) Manila is a global oriented city, many international companies are setting up operations there and Manila is well connected to the world. (2) Very talented people, they speak Fluent English (among the best English Speaking in Asia) and they are culturally comfortable communicating with people from across the globe. (3) Fast Economy Growth, Rapid Urbanization, a promising land. Hence MavPlus team is planning to set up a brand office in Manila and we are seeking for Business Partners.
The Business Partner will be the BOSS of the Manila team. The person must have not less than 5 years experiences in Executive Searching Industry. He or She must be a seasoned Executive Search Expert, a True Leader, an Innovator, an Entrepreneur.
The ideal candidate will bring strong business acumen, intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, excellent communication, in-depth experience in team management, staff moral boosting, work-target management as well as advisory skills to the role. They must also possess exemplary project management skills, an ability to execute in a fast-paced environment, a customer-service orientation and team mentality, as well as professional presence.

1.3 Applicant Qualifications:
A: 5+ Years in Executive Search Industry
B: A Leader, managing 10+ staff or team member in its previous job
C: Proven Excellent performances in previous executive search job.
D: Strong leadership in all aspects of the Executive Search business, including BD new clients, researching and mapping, team training and management.

2 Salary & Commission Structure
A: This is not a regular “JOB” but instead it is like starting your own business. The PARTNER is not entitled with a BASE SALARY. But instead, the PARTNER is the co-owner, share holder of the whole team and only take the profit dividend/profit share on a regular basis.
B: PARTNER’s SHARE of the profit varies from roughly 60%-80% of the total team profit based on the partner’s yearly overall achieved target.
C: Despite of that, Partner would still collect a pre-paid dividend on a monthly basis.
D: For details of the partnership opportunities and its dividend scheme please contact [email protected]

3, How to Assess my Qualification to this job and How to Apply?
A: Please read more about this job FAQs(frequently asked questions) from this link. It will provide you all the information you may have for this job. (Note: the access code(password) is mavplusmanila)

B: Please complete this ONLINE ASSESSMENT FORM and we will be contacting you as soon. URL: https://jinshuju.net/f/E0bo8B

4, Frequently Asked Questions about this job

Do you have office in Southeast Asia
No, MavPlus has 3 offices in China only. We are setting up a VIRTUAL office in Manila, meaning hiring staff who work from home. Hiring local business partners as shareholder of the Manila Team.
Do you have clients in SE Asia
Currently not, since we have not been operating in Manila Yet. But in our China Operations we have been working with most of the highend world leading/ global companies or fast growing multination companies and we are confident once we set foot in Southeast Asia we should be able to acquire high quality clients soon.
Do you have a specific Industry preferences?
In general we can serve any industry, it is largely depend on the PARTNER’s Personal work experiences and expertise. In Our China Operations are clients mainly from financial/ IT/ ICT/ Manufacturing/ Chemical/ Retail/ Automotive sectors.
Is this a Work from Home job?
Yes this is a work from home job, we believe under proper management, the team can just perform the same level of productivity as the workfromoffice job, and it can save our team lots of commute hours.
Is this a full time job? What is the work shift? What about Holiday?
Yes it is a FULL TIME job, you are requested to work on a 9AM-6PM daily shift. with one hour lunch break. All staff enjoy all public holidays posted by the government. Staff also have 5-10 days annual paid leave days based on the seniority, work performance and other factors. For details it will be included in the staff manual book.
For business partners, not only you have all the holidays, but also you will be rewarded additionally very attractive annual leave days. In general the more team performance you deliver the more flexibility you enjoy.
Am I allowed to work for other jobs apart from this one?
No, we need all our staff to be dedicated fully to this job, we believe doing this job by 100% is more financially rewarding than doing 2 more jobs at the same time. And it costs you less time, provide you a higher quality of life.
Will there be a training course for me?
Yes we will have a 3 days unpaid training course. But since we hire PARTNERS requesting candidates to have 5+ years of experiences in Executive Search Industry, the candidate has extensive knowledge and profound experiences in Executive Search Industry Already and the training is more about a discussion, sharing and analyze of how to form the best strategy of developing local business and manage local team to deliver the best performance.

How do you assemble a team for me? Who hires and train my team members? Who manage the team?
MavPlus will in charge of the recruiting, training and overall team management in the beginning phrase. MavPlus has well prepared the team recruiting, training, management strategies and methods with our years of operations in China. We will ensure to assemble a well-performing and high efficient team for its partner. Gradually when the partner is more familiar with the job and feels more confident and confortable in managing its own team, the team will be co-managed by the partner together with the company.
Is there a physical training or online training?
The first 3 days online training will be ONLINE training via Skype calls and other messaging apps. After the team has been working solidly over several weeks, MavPlus executives will go to Manila to forge a team training and team building session.
How do you assess and evaluate my qualification to this job?
The several criterion here: Personality. Experiences. Language Skills. BD Capacity.
The assessment approaches: Online Assessment Form. Video Call Interview. Previous Job Testimonials. Background Check.
Will you set up a physical office in Manila? Will the MavPlus leaders go to Manila to conduct Physical Training for the Manila Team?
No Physical Office Plan for now. Yes Regular go-to-Manila Training will be conducted for Manila Team, expected 3 times a year. As well as the annual party, team building. China-Philippines Team exchange program. Visit to China etc.

How Partners’ team operations cost be calculated?
Please contact ***@mavplus.com
Is there a CRM/BI/AI system provided to manage clients/team/workflow?
Yes MavPlus has a proven high efficient, easy to use, globally supported Business Process Management System which easily support our CRM. Client Info Management, Staff Management, Team Management, work data sharing and all other information technology related needs.
Is there a probation Period?
Nope for Partners this is no probation period.
For regular staff yes there is a probation period, which usually is the 1st three months.
Social benefits and other welfare.
For partners no any social benefits or other welfare is provided, cause partners are being provided SHARE/DIVIDEND already, and partner takes the greater part of the total group share than the company. For regular staff yes all work related benefits and social welfare package is provided.
Unpaid Leave, Annual Leave and Sick Leave
For Partners it is flexible and it has no penalty of any kind.
For regular Staff, unpaid leave days won’t get paid. Sick Leave gets 60% pay. Annual Leave gets 100% pay.
Yearly Bonus
Partners have NO COMMISSION or BONUS program of any kind.
Regular Staff has the yearly bonus and the 13th month pay based on its yearly performance.
Does my income subject to Income Tax?
Nope, the share/dividend will be transferred to partner from Hong Kong directly, without the process of the Philippines Tax Authority and it does not subject to any income tax.
More about MavPlus
Please visit: www.mavplus.com
If you have other questions please contact ****@mavplus.com

Salary: ₱100000 - ₱200000
Address: Home-based