Field Engineer

Operating all assigned job in the designated areas: Install, reload, replace, initial, join, de-install, promotion, serviced preventive maintenance.
Testing EDC terminals according to the job detail.
Making an appointment with customers for installations and informing customers for job status.
Reporting for in used machines.
Resolving in face at the events and report the result of the work progress.
Closing SLA online or call in to super visor to close the job.
Provides training how to use the EDC terminal at the customers’ shop.
Training the principle shop and customers as requested. Preparing EDC machines for training and bring them back to the company.
Stand by as if the banks requested.
Any other as assigned such as:
• Messenger
• Receiving and sending sim cards
• Perform other analogous tasks or as directed

Salary: ₱10000 - ₱15000

How to Apply:

Male, Must 20 and above With relevant IT working experience of at least 6 months (ex. OJT or from a previous formal work experience) Finished at least 2 years of college in any IT- related field of study


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