English Transcriber – Freelance

Apply here: www.tranzify.com/transcriber

English Transcriber

Job Description
Transcribe audio or video into word document or audio into special interface. (We start with an audio recording of people talking and convert it into written transcripts. The recordings we work with include single speakers, one-on-one interviews, and focus group recordings with several people talking. Subject matter can be almost anything: from consumer through business, technical, medical, pharmaceutical, and so on.)
Minimum Qualification and Requirements
Entry level transcribers. Experience in transcription is a plus.
Good command of English language. (Excellent grammar and language skills- American and British)
Able to type 40wpm with 90% accuracy
Online research skills and ability to use search engines (Internet knowledge) and experience in word processing
A typing test and English / Grammar proficiency test would be taken.
A Verified PayPal account.
Laptop/desktop computer and internet connection
Latest version of Firefox, Chrome or Safari web browser
Apply here: www.tranzify.com/transcriber

Salary: $22 per hour of audio
Address: Remote