CME (Civil, Mechanical & Electrical) Design Engineer

• Evaluations of construction drawings submitted by the Service Provider and ensure that the designs are within the standard and specification, updated and viable before submitting to the Client for approval.
• Coordinates with the Client for the type-approval of proposed materials, equipment and construction methodologies.
• Attends to Client’s queries with regards to the construction methodologies being accepted in the industry and other concerns related to structural/civil/electrical/mechanical works.
• Coordinate works with the Service Provider and other discipline that has inter-phase with the civil, mechanical and electrical works. Also, assist the Service Provider to find ways and solution to the problem encountered during the implementation of the project.
• Prepare CME scope of works and design for Telecom Sites/Infrastructures
• Assess, approve and control CME changes to the agreed Site Design
• Conduct Value Engineering
• Prepare CME cost estimate and Variation Orders
• Maintaining a good working relationship with the internal and external customer and other discipline within the project.
• Assess changes to the agreed site design toward both customer and the Service Provider.
• Performs other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Total Project Manager or Regional Project Manager.

Address: Manila City