AUTO Carbon Fiber Technician (COMPOSITE)

•Responsible for fabricating carbon composite parts in accordance with technical specifications.
•Must be detail-oriented & involve crafting, sanding, bonding, assembling, laminating, demolding & autoclave with a variety of composite materials.
•Ability to read engineering drawings to ensure accuracy & completion.
•Ability to read precision measuring tools & instruments using calipers, micrometer, starrett scales & dial indicators.
•Ability to use a variety of hand tools, grinders, sanders, files, dremels, drills & operate composite ovens.
•Perform bonding of composite assemblies consisting of various two-part epoxies, metallic hardware & carbon fiber hardware.
•Hand lay prepreg carbon fiber material on to molds & vacuum bag for cure.
•Remove part from mold & perform mold release.
•Perform repairs with the use of various adhesives and resins.
•Remove & repair damage of honeycomb and core panels
•Perform grinding, sanding blending & deburring operation.
•Operates all power tools & equipment necessary to accomplish job assignment.
Work efficiently by completing job assignments within the time standards.
•Work both independently on small jobs & as part of a larger team when working on larger hardware fabrication.
•Produce quality composite parts that meet drawing specifications.
•Demonstrates excellent communication skills, professionalism & a positive customer service attitude without compromising quality.
•The Composite Technician will work with & around a variety of chemicals & follow all the OSHA standards regarding PPE & reporting immediately any unsafe practices/conditions
•Responsibilities will include maintaining the shop floor free from clutter or debris & other duties as directed.
•Present a clean & organized work area – facility cleanliness & general housekeeping.
•Participate in continuous improvement of processes & move between production assignments that utilize multiple skills as needed to support production requirements.
•Participate in the cross training of other technicians as needed to support production requirements.
•Perform other duties as assigned.

Salary: PHP 35,000 - PHP 45,000
Address: Doha - State of Qatar

How to Apply:

- Through email (). - Through whatsApp (+97466923780). - Through skype (sha3bindel).


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