Audio Transcriptionist

Fourteen-year old Transcription Company is looking for competent legal and/or general transcriptionists who can work from home.

Please respond with your cover letter and attach your resume. Please include your email address in email body.

We pay $10 per audio hour for general transcription and $12 per audio hour for legal transcription

Prepare to send samples of legal transcription work.

This is an independent contractor position but we are looking at having you join the team for the long-term.

PS: If you are interested but have only a vague idea what transcribing is, it’d be great if you can do some Google research on what transcribing is all about. You can also download the trial version of Express Scribe if you’d like to tinker with the transcription player used by transcriptionists (it’s free).

Salary: ₱10000 - ₱15000
Address: Home-based or telecommuting position

How to Apply:

Must have a computer, internet connection, headset, and know how to use Express Scribe. Transcription experience or training preferred. There is a 15-minute actual transcription audio test. Please indicate if you are applying as a legal transcriptionist or a general transcriptionist.


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