Support Services Manager

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  • Posted on June 23, 2022
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• Vessel/Aircraft Entry/Exit Activities – prepare the required documentations, coordination and arrangements for the foreign and local Customs, Immigration, Quarantine and Coast Guard, CAAP, PNP, PNRI, PDEA, PNP-ASG and other clearances of foreign and local vessels and aircrafts arriving and departing the ports anywhere in the Philippines.

• Vessel/Aircraft Port Call – supervise all necessary preparations and operations (including monitoring and reporting), during an agency vessel or aircraft’s port call/entry upon instruction/request and with the concurrence client/principal or vessel/aircraft.

• Crewchange – Assist and make necessary coordination on crew change and other personnel movements of project principals, clients and their vessel/aircraft/s, including those of their contractors and subcontractors.

• Regulatory Permitting – knowledgeable to all procedures, requirements, documentations and proper channels, including those of certain local government, military, marine, aviation/airport and private agencies and bodies for purposes of applying and securing local government-related permits, licenses , clearances, certifications, endorsements and the like in order to ensure prompt and effective delivery or handling and monitoring of operational and logistical requirements of clients/principals or project.

• Local Purchasing and Delivery – supervision and monitoring of purchases, movements, transportation, handling, storage and withdrawal, including documentation, of materials to/from the vessel (at berth or on anchorage), aircraft, warehouse and stockyard.


• Ensure prompt and complete supply and delivery of services and goods, establish and maintain mutually-beneficial working relationship and a good working knowledge on the capabilities, reputation, procedures and required documentation of local contractors/subcontractors to include, among others, local supplier, viz, private ports and accredited/legitimate contractors operating therein, equipment transport companies.

• Perform direct Management of all bases of the Company and supports the Base OIC/Supervisor in terms of the day-to-day activities in the Base/s.


• Supports the Company Customs Brokerage in the preparation of documents related to application of Tax Exemption Certificates (TECs).

• Liaises with government agencies to secure TECs for shipments, in coordination with client/operator.

• Secures pre-shipment import or export permits from government agencies.

• Communicates with shippers and consignees on concerns affecting shipments.

• Ensure that all import and export shipments are cleared from Customs without delays.


• Serve as Project Lead (as may be appointed) for projects under the Operations Group.

• Directly provide services and assistance and coordination to concerned client/project.

• Delegate tasks (as requested by the client or as part of the agreement with the client) to the concerned department/personnel


• Driving new business and market expansion, find and develop new accounts

• Manage and maintain pipelines, respond to requests for information in a timely manner and remain proactive and responsive to prospective customers

• Generate leads, set appointments and present business proposals to potential customers through various communication channels, including: face-to-face or online meetings, telephone calls, emails, etc.

6. Responsible in establishing a wholesome, professional and effective working relationship with company personnel.

7. Comply with and observe all company rules, policies and quality and safety procedures.

8. Perform other tasks as may be required by immediate superior or the management.


• Holder of college degree, preferably in the field of Engineering

• At least 8-year experience in any or all of the following fields:

– Ship agency

– Supply chain logistics

– Materials handling, storage, and warehousing

– Customs Brokerage

– Any logistics or service-oriented operational and/or administrative function

• Flexibility/Adaptability to the variances of different operations, on the field or otherwise, assigned to based on project nature, geography, social culture, extent and nature of local government intervention and support, local resources, etc.

• Resourceful and creative especially in situations requiring proper, prompt and contingent action to meet the demand of Operations

• Philippine regulatory familiarity and/or related support functions

• Multi-task-capable and able to work extended hours including fieldwork

• Good focus on targets, objectives and deadlines

• Customer oriented & team player

• Proficiency in spoken and written English

• Possess a valid driver’s license

• Other relevant logistics and safety-related trainings and/or experience

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Address: Makati