Sourcing Manager


Who you are?

You are someone who wants to work remote and establish a long term stable career. You are someone who wants to be part of a dynamic team and make an impact. You love goals, data, sourcing, and hunting. You’re a sourcing ninja with expert Boolean and LinkedIn experience. You love being financially rewarded for wins and helping others. If you’re looking for a short term project or gig this probably isn’t the right position for you as it takes time to learn our company, industry, and internal standard operating procedures.

What we are looking for?

Someone who can be our daily sourcer and likes to be part of a fast moving team. We want someone who is a team player and has a long term dedicated vision. We have a paid interview process for this position outlined below after Step 1. Please let us know if you have any questions and would like to be interviewed.

Interview Process

Step 1: 1 Hour Automated Interview

You should be able to demonstrate your ability to search for sales representatives in the tire industry that reside in the geographical states in the sheet. In the video we would like to see your ability to utilize Boolean and your process for filtering. We would then like to see you utilize tools in sourcing candidates phone numbers and personal emails.

Please submit a LOOM video along with a Google Sheet and source as many candidates as possible in 60 minutes.

If successful, we will move forward to Step 2.

Step 2: 15-20 hour paid short term project

Step 3: Offer Stage with long term contract


  • Extensive Boolean experience
  • LinkedIn Premium or Recruiter
  • Great attention to detail
  • 3+ experience in sourcing passive candidates

Salary: ₱40000 - ₱60000
Address: Homebased