Software Test Engineer


  • Proficiency in terms of IT software testing (required)
  • Possess good business analysis ability, quickly familiarize and master the demand business knowledge after entering the job, and look at the demand from the user’s perspective, think and understand the demand. (Optional)
  • Possess good test case design and writing ability, output test cases according to requirements, reverse inference and optimization of insufficient requirements, and put forward reasonable suggestions. (Optional)
  • Develop a test plan and be responsible for the test work at each stage of the version, establish and maintain the related documents as needed, including test plans, test cases and knowledge accumulation; (optional)
  • Understand the relevant knowledge of the interface protocol, and be proficient in the function use of fiddler and other packet capture tools, and then combine the tools to analyze and locate the bug during the test. (Optional)
  • Have a good team spirit and communication skills, and communicate with colleagues such as products and development in a reasonable and effective way to improve work efficiency. (Optional)


  • Must be a College Graduate
  • More than 2 years of IT related work experience (optional)
  • More than 3 year of IT team management experience
  • Computer-related majors are preferred (optional)
  • Ability to learn and willing to participate in training
  • Must be willing to stay-in during COVID (free accommodation and meals)


– 13th Month pay


– Monthly incentive

– Birthday Gift

– Attendance Bonus per month

– Holiday Pay

– Department Bonus

– Service (Tenure) Award

– Performance Bonus

– Annual Leave (covertible to cash)

– Free Accommodation

– 4 meals/day *includes free drinks and snacks

– Shuttle Service


Office located in Pasay City

Salary: ₱60000 - ₱120000
Address: Pasay