Remote Senior QA Engineer


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We’re looking for a Senior QA Engineer to coordinate with an e-commerce platform development teams on a full-time basis by providing detailed testing for quality assurance.


As a Senior QA Engineer, you both enhance product quality and improve engineering work efficiency. The ecommerce dev team develops code in US hours; after they leave the office, you spend your day (their night) testing and uncovering issues that need to be corrected. 


Your role includes (1) driving product quality and excellence through automation; (2) defining an automation framework to accelerate web application testing with the highest level of quality and accuracy; (3) coordinating with product owners and software engineers to understand requirements and business use cases; and (4) producing and implementing test automation best practices along with other QA engineers.


This role has the ability to grow into a leadership role.



  • Experience developing or using QA Automation Tools
  • Comfortable with programming fundamentals (functions, if/else statements; loops; variables including arrays)
  • Excels at validation via defined structured processes
  • Experience defining new structured processes for a team to follow
  • Highly familiar with web and mobile applications
  • Logical Thinker
  • Analytical Mind


Additional Value

  • Experience / Understanding of REST APIs
  • Experience in implementing Selenium
  • Leadership experience

Salary: ₱25000 - ₱40000
Address: Homebased