Purchasing Supervisor


–         Oversee documented canvassing of prices, terms and conditions for procurement of goods and services for business / trade or for Administration (internal) purposes.

–         Constantly seek more competitive, reliable, trustworthy suppliers / service sub contractors

–         Maintain complete, clear records of transactions and information on suppliers to the Company

–         Negotiate prices, terms and conditions in behalf of the Company

–         Take measures to ensure prompt deliveries of procured goods and services to the Company

–         Present canvass results and make procurement recommendation to Management  

–         Make sure Procurement staff checks availability of materials within the Company before processing a Purchase Requisition

–         Arrange to pick up any procured item that cannot be delivered by supplier

–         Facilitate Purchase Orders to suppliers

–         Turn over the suppliers’ Sales Invoices, delivery receipts (for acceptable deliveries) to Accounts Payable for processing of payment in accordance with agreed terms and conditions.

–         Contact suppliers / sub contractors whose deliveries and services are not acceptable (rejected delivery / poor work quality) and demand the return of goods delivered and/or rectification of poor work. Notify Accounts Payable to withhold payment for such purchases.


–         College degree holder relevant to the position


–         At least 3 years of work experience in relevant to the position

Salary: ₱15000 - ₱20000
Address: 7 brixton street kapitolyo