Project Manager


Project Manager is the point person in charge of the assigned projects. The responsibilities are to plan, monitor and report on your assigned projects.  You are responsible to ensure every project and their tasks have a start date and an end date and are responsible to initiate a kickoff meeting with the client and the project team.

Overview of Responsibilities and Requirements


Work Order Management

Ensure all work packages are defined on the work orders (Projects), the work orders are updated regularly, and the schedules are followed to ensure timelines are met. Work with Account Managers and engineers to validate project requirements, scope and duration. Keep minutes of meeting during project meetings and ensure that all communications are added to work orders.

Planning Project Resources

Make sure the goals and objectives of the projects are achieved and aligned with organization’s overall business strategy. Define the project scope, communicate with the Technical Lead and Resource Manager about the available resources, estimate project schedules and provide regular monitoring and reporting on the project’s progress.

Assembling and Leading Project Team

Ability to take a leadership role with an existing team. Assign tasks and deadlines to project resources. Meet with project team on a regular basis to get status updates, project progress, resources allocation and review potential road block or team member challenges.

Time Management

Ensure everyone is doing what they need to do when they need to do it. Define schedule and accurately estimate the task duration to develop and maintain a realistic schedule. 

Quality and Satisfaction

Deliver to stakeholders what they expected or better and make sure that they’re satisfied with the results. Constant communications with stakeholders, reporting on progress and being open to their feedback to keep them happy and coming back to you with future projects.

Manage Issues and Risk

Measure project progress as planned and constantly compare those metrics against the plan you created. Collect project data, such as status reports from your team, to see if the actual progress of the project is – meeting what you have initially planned. Adjust or reallocate resources to accommodate these changes. Define the risks at the beginning of each project and create mitigation plan. 

Reporting and Documentation

Provide report and communication to project team and stakeholders. Ensure that your team receives detailed information and stakeholders have a broad view of the project progress. Ensure documentation, along with all paper works that are created, collected, signed off on, and archived by the end of a project, which provides a history that you can revisit when planning for a similar project in the future.


Subcontractor Management

Communicate with subcontractors and Account Managers to validate the scope of the work that will be done by the subcontractor. Define the related work packages on the work order, create the schedule and ensure each work is completed by the subcontractor on time and as defined at the contract. 


  • Plan and implement projects
  • Help define project scope, goals and deliverables
  • Define tasks/work packages and required resources
  • Collect and manage project team
  • Manage budget
  • Manage subcontractors
  • Allocate project resources
  • Create schedule and project timeline
  • Track deliverables
  • Support and direct team
  • Lead quality assurance
  • Monitor and report on project progress
  • Present to stakeholders reports on progress as well as problems and solutions
  • Implement and manage change when necessary to meet project outputs
  • Evaluate and assess result of project


• Proven working experience in Project Management

• Excellent command of the English language both oral and written

• Ability to quickly grasp complex technical concept

• Highly organized, with excellent attention to detail, thorough, creative, has initiative, self-motivated, and with excellent coordination and interpersonal skills

• Good working knowledge of MS Office applications

• Knowledge in multi-media skills is a plus

• Degree in IT is a plus

Salary: ₱30000 - ₱35000
Address: Homebased