Process Engineer



1. Assist the senior manager for QA in the creation, effective implementation, review and updating of Quality Management System based on ISO9001:2015

2. Assist the senior manager for QA to create an QMS Internal Audit Program and Plan

3. co-leads (with the Senior Manager for QA) the implementation of the internal audit together with the trained and certified internal QMS auditors (from different departments)

4. Conducts Root Cause Analysis for the Audit Findings

5. Coordinate with the involved departments for the the creation of a Corrective Action Plan

6. Dissemination of Corrective and Preventive Action Plan

7. Monitors and follows up the implementation of the corrective action plan

8. Assist the senior manager of QA to create a dashboard for the following: audited,on-going audit Pending Audit of business processes

9, Assist the senior manager of QA to create a dashboard to monitor peformance of processes


1. 1 year experience as a Process Engineer from any industries does not necessarily have to have experience in Solar

2. Prefer to have an Industrial Engineer

3. Have at least 1 experience in doing internal audit for compliance on ISO9001:2015


1. Equipped and Knowledgeable with Process enhancement tools, such as RCA, Six Sigma, ISO9001:2015, TQM and other useful tools

2. Must have excellent verbal and writing communications skills.

3. Having an ISO9001:2015 training as internal auditor is a plus

Salary: ₱15000 - ₱20000
Address: Ortigas, Pasig City