Philippines Marine Science and Monitoring


1. Deliver key science and technical inputs and monitoring in support of WCS’s Bohol Sea project, which includes a strong focus on small-scale fisheries and marine protected areas (MPAs).

2. Contribute to WCS’s Bohol Sea Project, in partnership with CCEF and other consultants, that will include a specific focus on the Bohol Sea and will develop new management arrangements and scientific inputs for improved fisheries and MPAs. Within the Bohol Sea, WCS will have an implementation focus on Siquijor province.

This consultancy will primarily be responsible for contributing to scientific inputs, managing data collection and databases for the initiation of the Bohol Sea Project, initially focusing on Siquijor province. The consulant will work closely with WCS marine associate director (in WCS SEAA office in Singapore) and with a small team (including members from WCS, CCEF and consultants) that delivers technical assistance to government and community partners, in order to improve the management of marine and coastal resources in the Bohol Sea.

Additional materials related to WCS’s plans for the project in the Bohol Sea are available upon request at the email addresses below.


It is anticipated that the initial consultancy could lead to employment with WCS. Therefore, we are seeking candidates with strong applied conservation science and monitoring experience, and who are willing to commit to potential longer term engagement and a career with WCS.


Major Responsibilities:

  • Assist with the delivery of scientific and technical inputs into the Bohol Sea and Siquijor conservation project, which may include fisheries assessments, MPA ecological assessments, species and habitat surveys, and monitoring related to critical habitats and endangered, threatened and protected species.
  • Assist with collecting ecological and socioeconomic data relevant to ecological and social safeguards frameworks.
  • Assist in the scoping and development of new science-based conservation opportunities in the Philippines, and contribute to the development of new WCS research agenda and programs.
  • Contribute to ecological monitoring and reporting, including MPA management effectiveness, ecological health, species and ecosystems, as needed.
  • Coordinate the local activities of WCS global technical experts and consultants.
  • Manage monitoring protocols, data and information systems, and data analysis.
  • Contribute to project reporting and new proposal development, as requested.


  • Bachelor or post-graduate degree in marine science, fisheries science, oceanography, marine resource management, socio-ecological systems, or other relevant discipline
  • Minimum of three years of experience in technical and/or scientific monitoring roles with non-profit, academic or government organisations, working on marine conservation, fisheries management, climate change, or related field/s
  • Strong understanding of creating and managing databases or information systems.
  • Strong ability to build relationships with relevant technical authorities and work successfully within multi-disciplinary teams
  • Demonstrated ability to apply gender sensitive approaches to projects, programs and research agendas
  • Good working knowledge of the field of MPAs, ecosystem approach to fisheries management (EAFM), coastal resource management, socio-ecological systems, and/or other relevant conservation approaches
  • Professional proficiency in spoken and writing Filipino and English
  • Dive certification and underwater data collection experience would be an advantage
  • Previous experience working with small-scale fisheries would be an advantage.

Salary: ₱15000 - ₱20000
Address: Cebu City, Philippines