Operations Supervisor


1.      Manages daily correction of deviations in terms of schedule change, unplanned absence and ensures appropriate work assignment to reach performance

2.      Engage team managers to ensure optimum accuracy is achieved in all required outputs in terms and conditions of time and quality agreed with the client; 

3.      Implements account operational frames, capacity planning and operating hours as agreed with Project Manager; 

4.      Train/ Mentor and/or coach direct reports, ensures knowledge assimilation, lean integration and performance support; 

5.      Observes process patterns and drives process improvement engaging stakeholders where needed (i.e. with QA team, reporting team etc.)

6.   Controls, monitors the processes and performs verifications in different phases of the process of aligning the quality / performance of the activity of the coordinated personnel;  

7.   Informs the team daily about the results obtained (compared to SLAs) and motivates it to achieve and exceed them; 

8.   Prepares team’s performance reports by collecting, analyzing and summarizing data and evaluates success in reaching project SLAs. Ensure timely completion of routine data gathering and reporting as requested Project Manager

  1. Disseminates process related information to the team and ensure team members are compliant with both Conectys and Client processes and policies;
  2. Regularly monitors the progress achieved towards the proposed objectives and writes regular reports to clients and hierarchical superiors in compliance with the data provided in the contracts and in accordance with Conectys standards and objectives; identifies weaknesses, risks and problems, seeks, identifies and implements prevention and recovery strategies;


6 months experience in a coordination role only if they have BPO experience. If no BPO experience, they need to have 3 years’ experience in a coordination role.

Salary: ₱35000 - ₱50000
Address: Iloilo City