Manage a Scandinavian startup


We sell products online and have already in place routines for deliveries and other tasks. What we need is someone to help customers, prepare orders pay bills/taxes and of course help plan the future of the company.

The job will be split into two roles.

Role 1: Support customers to drive more sales, coordinate with riders to ensure all orders are delivered as promissed and furfill all duties to customs and other government agencies to ensure a stady flow of new products. I also want a big part of this role to be about learning from talking to the customers to help me establish which products that are doing well, how we can improve the way we do things and plan future promo events.

Role 2: A more pysical role, where you help prepare the orders, go down to meet riders or customers. Go daily to LBC, BPI and help assist wherever it is needed. There can also be a need to help with customer service at times so English is a must.


Required to be professional and able to use common sense in stressful situation. I will be most of the year overseas and you will be my eyes and ears so the success of the company is largely based on your feedback of the market.

Salary: ₱20000 - ₱40000
Address: Cityland tower 2, Salcedo Village