Mainframe Job Scheduling Level 3


Summary of key responsibilities:

  • Work with Customer to define job scheduling (e.g., ETL – extract, transform and load, batch jobs, file transfers to Third Party Providers) and processing requirements, including periodic processing (e.g., month end, quarterly, yearend) and special processing (e.g., ad hoc processing requests, blackout periods) in order to meet IT and business needs
  • Recommend and implement Customer-approved Service Provider’s best practice job scheduling and processing operational procedures for various job types
  • Provide, install, manage and maintain job scheduling Tools and databases for managing and automating job processing (e.g., job lists, job contacts, automated job workflow processes and interdependencies)
  • Develop and maintain job processing schedules
  • Prepare production, test and demand batch jobs for processing per Customer approved schedules


Years of Experience

  • 8+ Years of experience in ESP (CA) on z/OS

Technical requirements

  • Must have administration experience with ESP Scheduler functions to plan, install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot on z/OS.
  • Experience with event-based scheduling
  • Experience with ESP End-to-End Scheduling
  • Experience using CA-11 (CA Workload Automation Restart Option for z/OS Schedulers)

Salary: ₱80000 - ₱90000
Address: Taguig