Legal Specialist II


1.Finalize all extra judicial petitions for foreclosure of property;

2.Assist the General Counsel in the drafting, filing and prosecution of all other cases arising from:

2.1. Default or non-payment by lessees/borrowers on their lease, loans,

and other credit accommodations;

2.2. Breach of contract with the Corporation; and

2.3. Criminal cases such as violations of B.P. 22, estafa and chattel

mortgage law;

2.4. Identify applicable legal strategies to ensure variable defenses;

3.Assist the General Counsel in the defense of all suits filed against the Corporation, or its officers and employees for acts performed within the scope of their official functions and duties;

4.Prepare and review additional loan and security documents;

5.Render legal advice and counselling;

6.Prepare legal opinions, researches, and studies;

7.Review and monitor new and updated laws and regulations;

8.Perform Data Protection Officer functions;

9.Perform other functions as may be assigned by the General Counsel and/or other higher authorities.


·  Member of the Philippine Bar

·  With at least 1 year of relevant experience

·  With at least 4 hours relevant training

Salary: ₱40000 - ₱45000
Address: Makati