HR Assistant


Position Specification – HR Assistant

Imagine an environment where you are able to utilize your knowledge in a meaningful way, working with people who you can engage with on a human level. A place where community is embraced and the essence of work is distilled to purely delivering, unencumbered by irrational deadlines and politics. All work is formed with great thought, keeping people and their lives at the forefront. We believe that to foster a culture where we can continually evolve, we need to be better and the only way to do that is to understand the complications in our lives. Evolution and growth is nurtured through engagement with teams in different jurisdictions, understanding the nuances of each. We encourage curiosity, the drive to be better and challenge the status quo.

Our leadership constantly strives to understand and live the roles of each team member before a single step is made towards onboarding and so it is with this role as well. This position is created to align with your skills, experience and personality in mind with the hope of allowing you to excel and be challenged. We would love for you to be part of our movement and we believe that your particular talents would propel our business forward.

If you’re tired of the same old dispassionate storyline, and what you’ve read piques your interest, talk to us.

Core purpose

Our purpose is to create uncompromising opportunities, through our investment philosophies. Our goal is to thrill our stakeholders and continually improve our offerings, experiences and processes. Our communication style is clear, factual and we genuinely try to help within the scope of our knowledge. We believe that simpler is usually better. We keep our commitments by providing services of exceptional quality while contributing to a facility that operates efficiently, safely and with a positive workplace culture.


As the business continues to grow Globally, this is viewed as a critical role in an environment where you will have significant responsibilities and frequent interaction with the company’s leadership. This is a challenging and exciting opportunity to grow in a varied in-house role, with involvement in matters for other country offices.


We are looking for someone who has a good grasp of Human Resources, diligent in everything that you do and a thirst for knowledge. Someone who understands that while elements relating to interacting with other humans are essentially the same, the nuances of geographies and jurisdictions are the details that need to be explored We provide a balanced platform where you can both do and learn. A space that is inclusive and supportive, where your curiosity can be nurtured.

Explore and Build Solid Foundations

• Learn about and advise on HR regulation and processes in new jurisdictions • Contract Management for multiple jurisdictions

• Core Functions to be performed:

– End to end Recruitment

– HR Day to day activities

– Payroll, Attendance Management

– Grievance handling, disciplinary Proceedings

– Record keeping

– Employee Engagement

– Training Support

– Exit Procedure

• To handle all general admin/HR Activities

Quality – “the service and experience”

The entire premise of our company is that we achieve an unexpectedly high level of quality, transacted in a surprisingly simple process. This spans every facet of the company: our products, our services, our presentation, our ethics and our interactions.

Your role will champion our compliance and regulatory standards as they manifest in every financial facet of our companies’ journey.

People – “who we are”

Our culture supports team members in excelling in their particular roles, allowing and encouraging them to have ownership of and responsibility for their realms. We believe that this leads not only to the success of the team, but to greater job satisfaction.

  • – Trust – the key to good management is developing mutual trust and respect. An ownership attitude can only be expected if there is trust
  • – Communication – not only what we do, how it must be done and by when, but WHY we do things and how they impact the larger goals
  • – Training – with an emphasis on continual skill and knowledge improvement, and efficient and direct feedback Workflow – “how we deliver our promise”
  • From the Financial regulatory perspective, effectively managing the flow of work is vital to maintaining the quality of experiences and keeping matters sane and predictable.
  • – Our workflow relies on planning, procedure, communication and organization: – Planning so that everyone knows what is happening in advance
  • – Procedures ensure that we don’t miss anything
  • – Communication ensures that the right people know what they need to know at the right times and
  • we avoid surprises
  • – planning and organization support predictability in: where things are, how long will tasks take
  • Efficiency – “how we can keep doing what we do”
  • This refers to efficient use of human and material resources and striving for constant reduction of errors.
  • – Efficiency only occasionally means working faster. It usually means working smarter and more systematically – Organization and the flow of work is vital to efficiency
  • You are encouraged to make decisions and act independently within the framework of the above guidelines and in keeping with our benchmarks:
  • – We provide extra-ordinary service
  • – Our interactions and their presentation surprise and delight with their unexpected level of quality and
  • thoughtfulness
  • – We treat our coworkers with the respect due to our peers
  • – We keep our workplace clean, organized, efficient and safe
  • – We continually strive to do less harm to our environment and world
  • – Professional demeanour and ability to work diligently and communicate at all levels within the
  • organization
  • – Ability to prioritize workload, manage and track time effectively
  • – Team player with ability to work with their own initiative
  • – Excellent pragmatic problem-solving skills in a business situation
  • – Integrity with assertiveness to raise potential questions and potential issues to the appropriate levels
  • – Documenting activities
  • Key Relationships Human Resources

You will be supported in this role and its responsibilities. Afuze Collezioni is a collaborative company with the shared interest of placing people’s needs first. Your feedback on any matter is appreciated and will always be considered.



  • M.B.A/PGDM
  • 0 – 2 years experience in a generalist role
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

Salary: ₱15000 - ₱20000
Address: Homebased