Facebook Manager


  • Extensive knowledge in Facebook Ads and the Facebook Pixel and it’s practical
  • Has experience in managing six-figure eCommerce accounts
  • Has experience in managing B2B and B2C accounts that are focused on lead generation
  • Confident in managing accounts with ROAS as a primary KPI
  • Always updated on the latest Facebook marketing trends and best practices.


  • Knowledgeable of the various paid marketing channels and technologies with a high focus in Facebook and Messenger
  • Able to forecast results before launching campaigns and then aligning those forecasts with actualized reporting.
  • Good written communication skills (English must be more than fluent)
  • Ability to do some graphic design work
  • Highly detailed- oriented and organized especially with time management
  • Capable of managing over 20 ad accounts on any given week
  • positive involvement with the PPC community
  • Knowledgeable with Google AdWords, Linkedin and Youtube Ads
  • Knowledgeable with Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools
  • Crafting landing pages from click funnels or other landing page builders
  • Understanding of chatbots and integration into Facebook ads

Salary: ₱45000 - ₱70000
Address: Homebased