Energy and Carbon Data Analyst


Position overview

This role has primary responsibility for collecting, analysing, managing and reporting energy and carbon data with some client liaison. Part time with a potential to increase hours based on work load.

About 100% Renewables

100% Renewables (100% RE) is a boutique consultancy. We help large energy users develop and achieve their energy and carbon goals. We specialise in energy efficiency, renewables and carbon management. We have two directors, Patrick Denvir and Barbara Albert.


In the last few years, transitioning to renewables has become cost-effective and eventually, every organisation will wean itself off fossil-based fuels. It is not a question of if, but when. We want to be the preferred specialist in developing clean energy pathways and implementing clean energy solutions.

Our core values

  • Excellence in delivery
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Respect and transparency

Our core competencies

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Carbon emissions management
  • Stakeholder engagement

Our target market

All levels of government and large energy users with ambitious energy or carbon goals.


Key responsibilities

  • Extracting energy and carbon information from online portals, including energy bills, interval data, solar performance data and site/facility information
  • Engaging with clients to obtain a range of other information relating to a client’s operation
  • Use of Microsoft Excel workbooks to analyse and graph energy and carbon emissions information (trends, percentages, scenario analysis, KPIs)
  • Collection of non-energy data (statistical information like population number, weather data, building area, operating hours, number of staff, etc.) to derive useful energy and carbon metrics and trends
  • Preparation of carbon inventories aligned with Australian (e.g. NCOS, NGER) and international standards
  • Using historical data and other information to project future energy use and carbon emissions
  • Creation of templates to automate tasks
  • Contribution to client reports in Microsoft Word based on data analysis
  • Contribution to PowerPoint presentations and posters for stakeholder workshops, based on data analysis
  • Contribution to creation of processes/procedures

Qualifications, knowledge and experience


  • Tertiary qualification in energy-related degree (university )
  • >3 years experience
  • Experience in managing complex energy data
  • Excellent English skills – both written and oral
  • Excellent skills in MS Office Excel, comfortable with MS Word and PowerPoint
  • Carbon accounting knowledge
  • Strong background in quantitative analytics
  • Excellent client interfacing skills (via phone and email)
  • Reliable internet with internet speed supporting video conferencing (via Skype/Zoom)
  • Computer/laptop with recent version of MS Windows & Office, ability to handle large files (eg load profiles)


  • Familiarity with solar modelling (Helioscope, PVSyst, Nearmap)
  • Familiarity with energy/carbon data software like Envizi, Azility, E21, Trellis
  • Previous experience with Australian energy data (knowledge of e.g., NEM, NGER, NCOS, VEET, ESS, RET)
  • Backup internet connection

Attributes and skills

  • Ability to work from home – is able to work without having colleagues physically close by
  • Strong attention to detail – for both analytical work (e.g., no mistakes) and written comms (e.g., no typos)
  • Excellent analytical thinking skills. Ability to analyse and synthesise complex information and issues into meaningful and practical advice.
  • Client relationship skills. Is attentive and listens to customers to understand their needs, cares about getting project delivery right, values the provision of accurate and timely information.
  • Follow procedures – Is able to follow documented procedures
  • Problem solving skills – actively looking to solve an existing problem, resourceful
  • Reliability and following through– can work on their own to get a task done without reminders, stays on top of a task even if the manager doesn’t
  • Curious – Is willing to and quick to learn and wants to get to the bottom of problems
  • Initiative – Contributes ideas and initiates new ways of working, takes ownership of problems, acts on opportunities and devises practical solutions.
  • Independence and flexibility – Self-directed and proactive, able to work with minimal supervision yet know when to seek advice and support.
  • Computer skills – Uses a wide range of software products like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, dropbox, etc.
  • Communication skills – Develops clear timelines for tasks, regularly communicating with team members, operating within required standards.

Salary: ₱25000 - ₱35000
Address: Homebased