Content Manager


Our Content Manager will have a strong background in editing, proofreading, creative content writing, journalism or blogging. They have a great eye for detail. The Content Editor is able to work independently and collaboratively as a part of an international team. The Content Editor is a dynamic and vibrant professional, passionate about modern pop-culture. The Content Editor is eager to learn new skills.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Copyright, proofread and edit content, to ensure the greatest reach while content is culturally appropriate
  • Extensive experience in SEO optimization including keyword research
  • Edit content for linguistics issues
  • Occasionally use your creative writing skills to create content
  • Report linguistic and functional errors
  • Research and verify content accuracy
  • Effectively manages team members, to ensure tasks are being carried out
  • Assists with or performs administrative tasks
  • Oversees team members performing inspections, preparing reports, and doing repairs; if necessary, carries out these job duties personally to ensure highest quality of work


Must-have Skills / Qualification:

  • Strong skills in English, with exceptional attention for detail
  • Professional proficiency in English (verbal and written)
  • Cultural savviness and a good sense of judgment on the appropriateness of content for the target country’s audience.
  • Subject matter expertise for linguistic issues in the target language, ability to research and resolve linguistic questions.
  • Knowledge and experience with Mac/iOS products
  • Flexibility and willingness to learn new tools and different procedures
  • Preferably experienced in editing, proofreading, (digital) content creation, creative writing, translation, localization, journalism, marketing or QA

Salary: ₱95000 - ₱120000
Address: Manila