BMS Operator(East Silang Tagaytay)


§ Operate and monitor Building Management System (Honeywell Building Management System) to ensure the efficiency and utilization of the equipment.

§ Testing and check-up of air flow switch, supply and return sensor, override command of AHU (start/stop), testing of alarm / warning (command/alarm) BMS/units.

§ Responsible for incoming telephone and radio calls for inter-department & other department as the main source of information.

§ Data gathering for Chillers and Pump Parameters, Air Handling Units (AHU’s) on line monitoring and schedule, Water System and Fire Pumps monitoring, Lighting System “On and Off” Schedule, and Cinema AHU Schedule, Operation and Monitoring.

§ Conduct hourly reading of LVSG, HVSG, Capacitor Bank log sheet at Power House Sub-Station.

§ Monitor of Fire Alarm System and update the corresponding coverage.

§ Updating / Monitoring of Fire Alarm Control Panel, Data gathering Panel and their corresponding coverage.

§ Monitor the Environmental Measuring System of Mall & Ambient Temperature thru BMS.

§ Constant updating of all tenants corresponding location.

§ Hourly monitoring of chilled water temperature.

§ System analysis and troubleshooting on Building Maintenance System.

§ Operates and monitor / switched “on/off” / override of major facilities equipment such as air handling unit, fan coil unit, supply and exhaust fan, fresh air fan, exhaust fan, toilet exhaust fan, kitchen exhaust fan, smoke evacuation fan, smoke exhauster and lightings (perimeter and mall area) using Building Management System (BMS) and reports troubles encountered.

§ Logging down all activities in operation and maintenance of BMS during shift.

§ Performs other tasks that may be assigned by the group head from time to time.

§ Technical aptitude.


§ Graduate of any computer related course.

§ At least One-year experience in Building Management System (BMS).

§ Knowledgeable in MS-Office and Auto Cad.

§ With pleasing personality and has good moral character.

Salary: ₱10000 - ₱15000
Address: Emilio Aguinaldo Highway East Silang Junction Tagaytay City