Actuarial Analyst


Compile Actuarial Data

In both financial services and insurance organizations, actuarial analysts are responsible for compiling data from a wide variety of sources. For insurance companies, an actuarial analyst may gather information from sickness and mortality tables to determine the risks associated with individuals or businesses insured by the company, while a financial services actuarial analyst may compile market data and projections related to pension plans and securities. The actuarial analyst frequently needs to make judgments related to the accuracy and quality of the data.

Conduct Data Analysis

An actuarial analyst is also responsible for assessing data and deriving insights from their analysis. They may build statistical models and work with the data they have compiled to determine financial predictions, conduct cost-benefit analyses, or develop risk projections based on a variety of factors. This aspect of the role requires both attention to detail and extensive familiarity with data analysis tools and methods. An actuarial analyst also looks for errors or irregularities while analyzing data.

Prepare Reports and Projections

Another duty of an actuarial analyst is to prepare reports and projections for insurance plans and financial products. They may develop charts and graphs detailing these projections, write detailed reports outlining potential sources of risk and financial uncertainty, and present several options for mitigating risk and ensuring profitability based on the data they have collected and analyzed.


  • Fresh Graduates of Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering
  • Proficient with Microsoft Office Applications(Word, Excel)
  • Willing to work in BGC, Taguig
  • Good verbal and written communication skills.

Salary: ₱20000 - ₱25000
Address: BGC, Taguig