Growth and evolution are but two words that describe how a small business enterprise rose to become the dynamic company we now know as the Lakpue Drug, Inc.

On August 15, 1986, Lakpue Drug, Inc (LDI) was born, with sole on focus marketing swine medicines. “Lakpue”, the Chinese term for the number “68” is the company’s trade name submitted and registered to SEC. Lakpue is Enrique Y. Castillo’s (EYC) childhood nickname, given to him by his family in honor of his grandfather who was aged 68 at the time when he was born.

With a strong vision and focus, Mr. Enrique Y. Castillo together with his brother Arsenio and Dr. Jose Jesus Trinidad launched four flagship products in the local market namely: Laktamino, Tylak, Trisullak and Laksovit. LDI’s introduction of these products was an overwhelming success in the market.

Using sheer expertise and impeccable business acumen, LDI revolutionized the gamefowl industry in the country in 1989 by introducing several top of the line gamefowl products as well offering various services like breeding and conditioning seminars as well as field clinics to increase the expertise and knowledge of regular backyard gamefowl breeders and enthusiast.

Until the present, Lakpue Drug Incorporated has been helping the gamefowl industry in the pursuit for better information and products for all cockfight enthusiast, growing leaps and bounds since its inception. The company continues to cater to the needs of its market, keeping in mind the founder’s commitment to growth, development and excellence.


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