BrainFit Studio Philippines

BrainFit Studio Philippines

BrainFit Studio is the pioneer in providing neuroscience-based brain fitness programs in the Philippines. We opened our doors in April 2011 and have since witnessed a number of students who have benefitted from our programs. BrainFit Studio originated in Singapore and is already 14 years in the region with over 5000+ databased results from programs conducted across Asia. It has established foothold in other countries like Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Turkey. Our brain fitness programs seek to enhance the child’s learning capacity by addressing opportunity areas across (i) attention/focus (ii) auditory processing (iii) visual processing (iv) sensory-motor (v) socio-emotions.
As a trusted brain fitness specialist since 2001, BrainFit Studio aims to transform lives by improving learning capabilities, boosting performance, shaping behaviours and increasing intelligence through high-quality evidence-based neuro-scientific cognitive training programmes.

Jobs at BrainFit Studio Philippines

  • Apr 2019

    Program Instructor

    Job Description: • Propagates company’s vision and values effectively • Conduct programs to the highest standards according to SOPs • Provide dedicated service and support to parents • Committed to help each student improve maximally within the shortest time frame • Committed to help each parent understand their child and communicate actively on the impact…

  • Mar 2017

    Program Instructor – Part-time/ OJT

    BrainFit Studio is the leading provider of brain fitness training programs in the Philippines. Recent discoveries from brain research have brought us powerful new insights into the potential of the human brain to learn, at whatever age we may be, given the right stimulation. This awesome potential of our brain to make new connections and…

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