Online Marketeer and Content Creator (blogger)

Job Overview

Job Title: Online Marketeer and Content Creator (blogger)
Hiring Company: Recruitee
Date Posted: November 18, 2014
Work Type: Full-time
Salary: 500-800 usd
Work Location: Home-based
Company Website:
Category: Sales & Marketing Jobs, Products, OJT
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Job Description & Requirements

Application link

You can apply via our website here.

Our team

Recruitee is an online tool for managing your hiring process. Recruitee derived as a side project from the team behind We’re located in Poland (Poznan) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam). As all team members are below 28, you can describe our company as young, fresh, and innovative.

What we are looking for

We are looking for a full-time teammember that will be responsible for Content Creation and Online Marketing. We have a company blog and seek someone that can do in-depth analyses, write quality articles, and distribute content in the form of online marketing.

1. Content creation

Your responsibilities include:
– Online research on various HR (e.g. recruitment) topics. This research will be quite extensive and might take up most of your time,
– Create 2-3 high-quality research articles per month (quality is more important than quantity)
– Write blog posts based on previous research,
– Optimize titles and keywords for the terms our customers are looking for,
– Write guest blogs,
– Make Slideshare presentations based on your blog posts,
– Working together with our designer on infographics to visualize your findings

2. Online marketing

In addition to the content creation, you will be responsible for promoting the content as well. Online marketing will include:
– List distribution channels: What blogs or groups might benefit from your research? Contact them and promote the content. Aim for regular weekly postings on various channels.
– Monitor discussions: Actively participate in online discussions on our topic (e.g. recruitment software). This will include weekly postings on Quora, Reddit, various HR-blogs, Linkedin Groups, Twitter, and forums. The goal is to create awareness of our brand and get the attention of recruiters. We have several tools in place detect online conversations on HR specific terms to help out with monitoring.
– Advertise: Seek channels where our customers are, like software comparison sites, HR blogs, groups or events and find ways to promote our brand and the blog content. We have banners available, as well as some budget for online promotion.
– Connect: Connect to influential bloggers, Twitter accounts, clients, and other experts in order to build an audience around our brand and (blog) postings.

You will work directly with the founders of Recruitee and be actively involved in growing this product. We aim to deliver high-quality research content based on our own data of user behaviour, as well as industry data. The goal is to become a source of valuable insights for recruiters and HR bloggers, and in the end: generate leads via online marketing.


Your salary will be in the range of 400-600 euro per month, depending on your experience. After a trail period of six months, we will elaborate and discuss your salary. If both parties are satisfied, we will provide an industry-average salary and continue with a fixed full-time contract.

You should have

-Flawless English writing
-Good oral communicatin in English
-Extensive blogging experience
-Experience in Online Marketing (guest postings, Social Media marketing)
-SEO experience

How to Apply

Please apply via our own tool at

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